Are you looking for peace with God? Are you needing to do the Impossible in your life? We’d love to interact with you. Here are some ways we can connect with you.

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Prayer Requests

Prayer is the most powerful tool that we have when we are facing an Impossibility in our lives. There is simply nothing more powerful. Many times prayer is a last resort. “I’ve tried everything else now I guess I should pray. When it should be our first line of defense. We pray, and then we trust God that He can do everything He promises to see our Impossibility become possible. We want to join with you in prayer. There are prayer partners around the country who would like to partner with you and pray for the Impossible situations that you are facing in your life. Please share your prayer report. We are confident that God will answer your prayers. When God answers your Impossibility come back and share a praise report of what God has done in your situation.

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Share Your Story

We would like to create a place where people can share their story, and we can post if for people to read

Has God done a miracle in your life? Have you seen him change what seemed to be Impossible to possible. We have created a space here on our website where you can share your story with the world. We would love to fill this webpage with the incredible stories of God turning people’s impossibilities to possibilities. Please submit your story here. Then watch this blog. We will share your story on our page.

(Please note: we may edit your submission for grammar, spelling, and readability. If your story does not fit into the guidelines of our website it may not be published. We reserve the right to decide which stories are published.)

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